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Camel, Cave & Stone Crickets

Camel, cave and stone crickets get their common names due to their unique appearance and habitat. The camel cricket  because of their humpbacked appearance, the cave cricket group because of being commonly found in caves, and the stone cricket group probably because they are often found under stones. They are widespread in the United States and in the world.

Field Crickets

Field crickets can severely damage or destroy field crops and vegetable crops. The genus Gryllus is widely distributed throughout the Americas or New World and consists of about 25 species in the United States.

House Crickets

The common name comes from the fact that these crickets often enter houses where they can survive indefinitely. Having been introduced from Europe, the house cricket species is found throughout the United States but is a pest primarily east of the Rocky Mountains.

Jerusalem Crickets

Jerusalem crickets often invoke fascination and/or fear when they are encountered because of their large size of about 2 inches and a robust/heavy body. They are nuisance pests when they come indoors and will sometimes bite if roughly handled. They can become a garden or agricultral nuisance when they feed on potatoes and other root crops. Jerusalem crickets are found west of the Rocky Mountains in Oklahoma and Texas.

Mole Crickets

The mole cricket's common name comes from their resemblance to miniature moles, with shovelike front legs adapted from digging and burrowing, and because they used to be considered a subfamily of the cricket family Gryllidae. They are attacted to lights and occasionally enter structures where they are  nuisance pests. Mole Crickets can be pests around lighted swimming pools, flying to the lights and clogging the pool skimmers. They are a major pest of turf grass and low-growing fruits, such as strawberries in the southeastern United States. There are 7 species of mole cricket distributed in the eastern and southwestern United States.

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Eco-Wise™ Services