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Eco-Wise™ Jerusalem Crickets

Jerusalem Crickets

Jerusalem Crickets

Identifying Jerusalem Cricket Problems

Adult Jerusalem crickets are typically up to about 2 inches long, wingless and very robust with massive heads and thorax. Their color is yellowish brown to brown, with wide blackish bands on the abdomen across anterior margins. Antennal bases/insertions are widely spread, but are at least the length of the first antennal segment. Nymphs are similar to adults but smaller.

Jerusalem Cricket Biology

Because of their nocturnal and subterranean habits, little is known about their biology. To attract a mate, males and females drum the floor of their burrow or the ground with their abdomen. Females make nest burrows where they deposit their eggs. Nymphs may molt up to 10 times. The typical life cycle (egg to egg) extends over 2 years.

Jerusalem Cricket Infestations

Jerusalem cricket infestations are nocturnal and spend the day in burrows or under various objects that are lying on the ground such as rocks, stones, logs, etc. Jerusalem cricket infestations have high moisture requirements, so they are most active in the spring after the rains of winter have loosened up the soil and may sometimes be seen crawling around after sundown. During the hot, dry summers they burrow deeply and only occasionally come out at night.

Jerusalem cricket problems scavenge on organic debris, but also feed on potatoes and other root crops, and live and dead insects. Unlike other crickets, females will often kill and eat the male after mating.

How to Get Rid of Jerusalem Cricket Problems

Getting rid of Jerusalem crickets can be tricky since they tend to build their nests in unique places. Our green Jerusalem cricket control experts will assess the Jerusalem cricket problem and any Jerusalem cricket damage prior to using Jerusalem cricket control plan, providing you with peace of mind when it comes to these potential unwelcome Jerusalem cricket infestations. And because Critter Control Eco-Wise™ Pest Services’ methods for Jerusalem cricket control are environmentally friendly and organic, there is no concern for your family and pets.

Critter Control Eco-Wise™ Pest Services has the knowledge, equipment, and skills to take care of all your Jerusalem cricket problems and will show you how to get rid of Jerusalem crickets for good! Call today: 1-877-ECO-WISE

Eco-Wise™ Services
Eco-Wise™ Services